Choosing the right Power Supply Unit for your PC


A go-to guide when choosing the right PSU for your system

Power Supply Unit, as the term manifests, it is the power unit of the computer. Without having a powerful and effective PSU, a computer is just incomplete and thus cannot function the way it is supposed to. People follow a misconception that investing in PSU can be compromised without altering the functioning of the computer. But is it right to compromise on the quality of that same unit that is the fuel engine of a computer?

Substance of PSU

Well, people need to give due importance to the process of choosing the right power supply for their PC because of the multiple roles it plays. There are certain studies that show that keeping power output, efficiency and manufacturer of the PSU in mind is important. More than these, the power of the PSU and factors like modularity and price range are also essential to focus upon. Finding the right PSU for your system can be a great fit for the overall functioning of the computer. It prevents you from experiencing any obtrusions or breakages while operating.

Here are a few factors that you need to take care of while buying a PSU:

  • Cables and connectors:  One important factor to consider while choosing the best PC Power Supply Unit is cabling and connectors. The power supply units can be available with partially modular cabling, fully modular cabling or hard-wired cabling. Knowing the uses and perks of each one can be a help while finding the perfect one. When setting up a system, nothing should go wrong, or it can cause huge losses and delays in the completion of work. Taking care of what type of connectors and cables would fit in the system is imperative. While operating your system, you obviously would love to access all major components and features, right? Choosing the right connectors ensures that every component of your system is powered by the power supply.  
  • Efficiency: The wattage of the PSU you buy is certainly the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration while purchasing the PSU for your system. Along with wattage, the efficiency of the PSU also plays a crucial role in the functioning of the system. Not paying due attention to the efficiency standards of the PSU can lead to wastage of power and excess heat generation. The better the efficiency, the better is the build quality. If keeping your computer juiced up is the motive, looking up to greater efficiency becomes important. 
  • Wattage/power: As stated earlier, the wattage of the PSU is important to consider while shortlisting the PSU. While buying a PSU, we usually question its watts because it is one of the most important factors that affect the functioning of the computer. Depending upon the complexity of the computer system, you can choose the PSU. It gets practically easier to know how much watts are required knowing how complex a system really is. For instance, a gaming computer would require PSU with more watts if compared to a simple working computer system. Giving an exact number of watts for the PSU is not possible since the complexity and type of usage of a system cannot be defined so simply. It is always better to look for experienced and professional advice. That could give you some idea of how to be appropriate with the purchase. 
  • Form factor: One important consideration is choosing the correct form factor. You should know what form factor would fit in your case. Choosing between modern form factors like ATX, ATX12V, ATX12V v2.x, and micro- ATX is potentially necessary. There are limited standards in terms of power supply which is always a boon if you are looking for the right PSU for the first time. As many standards are there in motherboards and cases, fortunately, the same number exists here. Looking for the perfectly matching form factor can be highly complicated, but all you need to focus on is matching your power supply unit with the case and motherboard can help.
  • Price: Professionals suggest keeping the PSU budget around 10 or 15% of the total cost of the system. Supposedly, your system budget lies between $1000 to 1500; then, the PSU budget should be around $100 to 150. Looking for a budget-friendly PSU is important in order to keep your overall budget at par. People say the price should always be judged by the number of uses it has. If the PSU that you are looking for, is worth its price, then make sure you grab the best one. If not overspending, then compromising on PSU is also not an option. Since PSU is the power unit of the computer, investing in a good one wouldn’t affect you much. 
  • Upgraded version: When looking for the best PSU for your system, you need to consider the updates of the PSU. Like we do not prefer buying a phone with legacy software; similarly, buying a PSU that isn’t upgraded to the latest version should be avoided. The upgraded PSU would indeed have better functions and features that can accelerate the functioning of the computer system. Computer enthusiasts would surely understand how important it is to keep up with the upgraded PSU for your computer system. Changing the components of the system time and again can be expensive and make the process more complicated. The most effective solution can be choosing the already updated software version in these elements. 
  • Fan Noise: While getting a PSU for your system, do consider the noise of the fan. Since power supply units generate heat and need to be cooled down, having noiseless fans can be a great help. Depending upon your choice of noise, you can choose the best PSU for your system and overlook some factors. But, in case you are not a big fan of hearing distorted sound every time you are working on the system, consider getting a noiseless fan in the PSU. For a power supply to work smoothly and effectively, it is essential to have an inbuilt fan. 
  • Looks: If asked to a few computer enthusiasts, they know how important it is to choose matching components for the computer system. PSU is visible and in total exposure that makes it essential to emphasize its design and looks. You cannot invest so much time, money and efforts in assembling the whole system and end up making it look a bit out of the way. PSU should be picked up according to the other components of the computer system. Be it color, built, design or model, every component should be aligned with one another. The overall look of the system should be coordinated and showcased as a whole package. 
  • Brand: The least highlighted factor while choosing the right PSU, but it actually holds some weight. Looking at the brand of the PSU is vital if you are strictly looking for quality. Many manufacturers do not pay attention to the quality or the strong build of their products, and that can cause future troubles. Getting stuck with your system just because of a wrong brand of the PSU would cost you more than money. It is always advisable to research some top brands and consider only those brands. Investing one time seems to be easy and convenient, but spending time and again can get hard to cope up with. So, when looking for the best PSU, make sure you are well researched about the brands and their strengths alongside. 


Since the power supply is one of the most critical components of the computer system, it is imperative to take care of some unavoidable factors while purchasing. Without a good functioning power supply, you cannot expect your computer to work without getting all heated up. It is essential to take the factors mentioned earlier into consideration and then buy a PSU for your computer system. From some technical factors like connectors and efficiency to some moderate factors like looks, price and brand, everything that affects the functionality of your system should be taken into account.

Of course, there is a lot to digest, but having everything according to your needs is essential. You can easily avoid getting troubled with any of the problems like computer heat up or low efficiency, or excessive fan noise. Isn’t it better to be cautious first and enjoy later? Well, ask someone who forgot to consider the professionals or such information; you’d understand how crucial it is to be spot on while looking for the best PSU. Have a look at some brands and their prices; if you think you got the required product, do not wait to buy!

And all these were just a few handy tips that should go a long way and help steer you towards that one right Power Supply Unit which is just perfect for you. If you have got any other useful tips on your mind that you feel are really important and effective, then you must feel free to drop them in the comments section below.